Protecting your products while respecting the environment

A team of experts at your disposal

Ecofeutre creates on average two innovations per month.
Thanks to the expertise acquired by our R&D department in the conception, design and architecture of the products, we are in a position to offer custom-made solutions for any product within a few weeks.

Originally, Ecofeutre developed a know-how in packaging for the protection of eggs. Today, the company has diversified its production and offer new, alternative forms and packaging for various industries: agribusiness, automotive, soft-drink, office supplies, lighting, electrical appliances, electronics, electric, mechanical and medical equipment, fast-food, textile, etc.

Ecofeutre: une équipe à votre serviceEcofeutre is above all a company of about thirty employees dedicated to the successful completion of your project. They will work with you to find the solution which perfectly meets your specifications. To achieve this, a detailed analysis of your product is conducted. The objective is to identify your product constraints. If necessary, one member of our team will visit your plant to better understand your needs, ascertain the feasibility of the project and arrive at the most appropriate solution.