Protecting your products while respecting the environment


Ecofeutre masters the production line from beginning to end, and has developed a know-how covering every step of the production process from the design of parts to the conceptualisation and manufacture of molds and wire-strainers, up to the production process itself on its own machines.

Designing parts :

Each product is created internally so as to closely meet our client’s specifications: protection (drop testing), design, easy usage, minimal packaging volume.

EcofeutreAt the start of a project, we ask you to kindly send us a CAD file of the product you wish to protect and, if possible, the product itself.

Your specifications must be as precise as possible to make sure the form meets your expectations. Manufacturing the form depends on several factors: the product itself (its weight, dimensions, etc.), the client’s demands (drop testing, looks, etc.), and the packaging as conceived in its entirety (box wrapping, etc.).

With the proper information at hands, the project begins. One of our product designers creates a CAD file. When a product is inserted in between two forms, the lower form is designed before the upper one. Depending on the constraints the product is subject to (for instance, a heavier side, a fragile spot, etc.) humps are added to the forms to strengthen its resistance. The objective is to insure maximum shock-resistance to protect the product.

Once the form or forms are created, a Computer Assisted Design (CAD) file is sent to the client for validation. Upon approval from the client, a “footprint” is manufactured to insure the form fits the product it must protect. This step is necessary before launching the manufacture of the tools used to create the molds. Provided the “footprint” is approved by the client, the next step is the creation of the molds.

Conceptualizing and manufacturing the molds and wire-strainers:

EcofeutreEcofeutre perfectly masters the conception and the manufacturing of the molds required to produce cellulose molded forms.

Wire-strainers are also made internally. This insures a quick turn-around and greater competitiveness. Wire-strainers are used to stop the cellulose fibers to obtain the required design.

Once the molds are done, a prototype run is launched to definitively validate the cellulose mold forms. If the prototypes meet to the client’s specifications, the production of the forms begins.

Production on our machines:

EcofeutreEcofeutre conceived and developed its own assembly line. We have created a unique drying technique for the production of molds which sets us apart from our competitors. An added advantage to manufacturing one’s own machines is that it allows us to keep them in good running order as well as maintain and repair them whenever necessary. This guarantees a smooth production process for the benefit of the client. Our dedication to quality is unwavering and we strive to meet our clients ’most demanding requirements. Our goal is to satisfy them. Quality is a state of mind at Ecofeutre, not a duty.