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What type of fibers are used to make cellulose?

Ecofeutre’s cellulose is made from 100% recycled paper (newspapers, books, magazines, office paper, etc.) and water.

Is a molded cellulose packaging expensive?

Cost of forms and molds is close to that of PSE. 
As a natural material, cellulose reduces your ecotax on packaging and brings down your transportation costs since the number of units transported is doubled with each delivery.

What makes Ecofeutre’s manufacturing process so unique?

Ecofeutre’s patented drying technique technology produces high quality forms from a mechanical as well as a visual standpoint. This technique, known as high pressure drying, alternates heat with pressure in the drying process. Ecofeutre has created its own machines in order to manufacture forms of the highest possible quality.

What are the advantages of high density cellulose molds?

  • 100% recycled and 100% recyclable materials.
  • adaptability (all types of forms, all sizes, all thickness)
  • shock absorbent protecting products from vibrations during transport
  • perfect finish with both sides front and back smooth thanks to the hot molding process
  • gain of space in comparison to traditional cellulose (overall space required to stack up the products cut in half).
  • carbon consumption performance divided by two (the number of units transported by truck is doubled).
  • economically competitive: price of cellulose molding is unconnected to oil prices, molds cost the same as plastics while saving on transportation costs.
  • easy to use: no prior handling, no time wasted separating packaging and forms.
  • mold drying allows for neat, easy to read embossing.

For what purposes is cellulose most used ?

Molded cellulose was initially used to manufacture egg containers. Today, its application has expanded to many industries such as: electrical and mechanical appliances, electronics, lighting, etc.

What types of packaging can be created with cellulose ?

Ecofeutre’s custom-made molded cellulose can be used to protect all types of products, no matter their form.

How much weight can custom-made molded cellulose packaging hold ?

Ecofeutre’s custom-made high density molded cellulose can hold up to 440 pounds thanks to its unique manufacturing process. A traditional molded cellulose packaging can hold only up to 110 pounds.

What are the advantages of custom-made high density cellulose molded packaging compared to other types of packaging materials?

Materials competing with high density molded cellulose include traditional molded cellulose, expanded polystyrene, PE foam and folded cardboard.

Ecofeutre’s molded cellulose possesses many advantages over these materials.

  • 100% recycled (virgin fibers used) and 100% recyclable
  • gain of space
  • savings on transportation costs
  • easy to use: no prior handling, no gluing, with quick separation of stacked items
  • reduced ecotax on all packaging.

What is the cost difference between custom-made molded cellulose packaging and other packaging?

  High density molded cellulose Traditional molded cellulose Expanded Polystyrene Polyethylene foam (PE) Folded cardboard
Cost per piece Basic 100 105 (logistic costs) 98 150 90 + prior handling
Machine costs Basic 100 90 105 30 60

What is Ecofeutre’s minimum run?

The start-up cost of a production (fixed expenses) is approximately 5,000 euros. This includes the conception and production of the molds and parts. The minimum production run is 1,000 pieces.