Protecting your products while respecting the environment




  • All forms: up to 5° to 7° (depending on clearance).
  • All sizes: from a few centimetres to over a meter.
  • All thickness: from 0,8 millimetres to 7 millimetres

Physical properties

  • Mechanical resistance: Ecofeutre’s high density molded cellulose can sustain pressure exceeding several hundred kilograms.
  • Vibration resistance: Thanks to its flexibility, Ecofeutre’s molded cellulose is shock absorbent reducing transport vibrations which may damage the products.
  • Shock resistance: Due to its design and fiber density, Ecofeutre’s molded cellulose packaging protects products from accidental falls, such as a bottle dropped from over 2 metres.
  • Humidity resistance: Thanks to biodegradable additives, Ecofeutre’s molded cellulose packaging protects from humidity for long periods of time.
  • Free from electrostatic charge: Unlike plastic, cellulose is free from electrostatic charge and thus conveys no risk to sensitive products.
Cellulose packaging does not collect dust and can remain clean for long periods of time.
  • There is no cutting or stamping in Ecofeutre’s process which eliminates any risk of cuts.
  • Hot and cold: Cellulose is hot and cold resistant. It is a remarkable natural insulator.



  • A superior finished appearance: due to its molding technique, Ecofeutre’s double molded cellulose offers a smooth finish on both sides of the product. 
In addition, our products are free from paper dust. Their surface is clean from the time it comes out of the machine, no further manipulation is required.
  • An excellent dimensional stability: no gapping, the content fits perfectly in its slots.
  • Markings and colours: the molded drying technique allows clear, legible embossed markings.

Ease of use

  • Ready to use: high density molded cellulose packaging is ready for immediate use, unlike cardboard which often requires prior manipulation. In addition, unlike thermoformed plastic, cellulose packaging slides one on top of the other without adherence.

  • Easy separation: due to the lack of roughness on either side of a high density molded cellulose packaging, products do not stick together. Separating pieces is easy whether done by hand or an automated system.
  • Gaining storage space at the work station: the hot pressing process reduces the storage space required because Ecofeutre’s products are smooth on both sides. The space saved depends on the packaging but could be high (doubling the quantity stalked).
Thanks to this volume reduction, dried molded cellulose increases the packaging available at any given work station and reduces the number of times one needs to go to the stockroom as well as diminishes the frequency of deliveries to the factory.


Competitively priced


  • The price of oil has no direct bearing on the cost of molded cellulose.
  • Efficient, even when used for small runs.
  • Comparably priced to injected molds
  • Savings on transportation