Protecting your products while respecting the environment

Case Histories

Economizing space/instantaneous usage: cup holders

An international fast-food restaurant chain faced a double problem concerning its cup holders.
The company lacked storage space in its restaurants and its employees wasted time trying to separate cup holders.
These chain restaurants have little storage space, yet they are confronted with surges of orders requiring a large stock of cup holders. In addition, the service must be quick and efficient.
Ecofeutre’s solution was to produce high density fiber paper cup holders cutting the storage space in half while facilitating separation of the cup holders by the employees.
In addition, Ecofeutre cup holders allow for only one reference number.
This is possible because the plates are divisible either by two or four.
The client went from using two references (x2) and (x4) to only one. It was Ecofeutre who created this dry cup holder, which is now patented, and perfectly meets the needs of this fast-food chain.

Exemples de réalisations Ecofeutre

Problem : Insufficient storage space for cup holders due to the limited size of the restaurants.

Solution : Ecofeutre’s special drying technique for the cup holders allowed restaurants to stack twice as many holders within the same space.

Bonus : The restaurant presently has only one reference for its cup holders, and the cup holders can be divided in half should they need it for only two cups.

Gain of storage space : forms for professional juicers

A juicer manufacturer came to Ecofeutre with a specific problem.
The company, international in scope, has grown ever since its creation, over fifty years ago.
Its factory, located on the outskirts of a French metropolitan area, was experiencing problems trying to keep a stock of juicers to meet increasing demand without having to build an addition to their existing plant.
Ecofeutre’s high density custom-made packaging allows the manufacturer to stock a greater number of juicers within their existing factory. Previously, in order to house a three months stock, twenty pallets were required.

With Ecofeutre’s solution the number was reduced to only four, which in turn brought down the number of trucks needed to transport the products. The company was thus able to continue its expansion without any addition to its building while being assured that its products were well protected wherever their destination throughout the world.

Exemples de réalisations Ecofeutre

Problem : Insufficient storage space/impossibility to enlarge the factory.

Solution : Ecofeutre’s forms cut the storage space in half.

Bonus : Fewer trucks needed to transport the products.

Improved management of waste materials: forms for products used on construction sites.

A plumbing company was experiencing difficulties on its construction sites disposing of materials used to protect and transport toilets, sinks, etc.
The original packaging made of polystyrene was bulky, hard to store once the equipment was installed, and costly to remove from the construction site.
Ecofeutre created a much less bulky high density molded cellulose packaging (1 to 2 millimetres thinner), and easier to stack up than the polystyrene.
Furthermore, Ecofeutre’s packaging can be thrown away into a waste container (unlike polystyrene) to be recycled.

Exemples de réalisations Ecofeutre

Problem : Polystyrene packaging difficult to handle on construction sites and costly to remove.

Solution : Ecofeutre created a much less bulky packaging easy to stack and cheap to dispose of.

Bonus : Ecofeutre’s packaging can be thrown into any waste container to be recyclable.

Price/Recyclable : conveyor boxes for rotation parts

A factory used to convey parts within its plant in plastic containers (PP). The containers were very expensive so the company decided to hunt for an alternative to reduce its costs.
After numerous research attempts, the company opted for Ecofeutre’s molded cellulose containers which can be re-used several times. They are cheaper than the plastic ones, and they preserve the environment. In addition, they can be recycled either for new forms or for some other packaging.

Exemples de réalisations Ecofeutre

Problem : Plastic containers used to convey parts within a plant were found too costly.

Solution : An Ecofeutre’s molded cellulose container cheaper than the plastic

Bonus :
– Preservation of the environment
– reusable containers in packaging.

Damage : forms for ink cartridges

A company producing ink cartridges was confronted with the following problem: a fairly large number of cartridges were damaged during transportation due to weak forms which did not protect the cartridges adequately when dropped.
Ecofeutre’s high density molded cellulose forms cut the number of damaged ink cartridges in half!

Exemples de réalisations Ecofeutre

Problem : Damaged ink cartridges during transport due to forms not resistant enough in case of droppage.

Solution : Ecofeutre’s high resistant molded cellulose forms which protect the ink cartridges in case of shocks.

Bonus : Contributing to the preservation of the environment.

Ecology/design: ecological shoe boxes

Knowing that ecology is a topical subject which customers are very sensitive to, a shoe manufacturing company made shoes using only natural materials.
To complement the ecological nature of its product, the company wanted it to be sold in an ecological box. This was a real challenge since the packaging had to be both biodegradable and pleasing to the eye to attract customers. Ecofeutre designed an attractive high density molded cellulose box 100% recyclable and recycled.
With this project, Ecofeutre met all the customer’s specifications: drop testing, transportation testing, etc.

Exemples de réalisations Ecofeutre

Problem : A shoe manufacturer wanted to sell “bio” shoes in a 100% ecological box.
The challenge: create an attractively designed and ecological shoe box.

Solution : Ecofeutre’s attractive molded cellulose shoe boxes made of 100% recycled material and which are 100% recyclable.

Bonus : Increased sale volume thanks to an original, attractive shoe box.